Saturday, November 2, 2013

Product Review: Therawheel

Two weeks before I raced Ironman Wisconsin I was down at Ironman Louisville spectating and supporting Matt for his big race.  I was a week into my taper and just off my huge build in July and August.  My body wasn't feeling the greatest.  Tired, tight, full of knots, niggles…you get the point.  The drive from Chicago to Louisville didn't do ANYTHING to help that either.  So when we went to athlete check in I decided to see if there were any massage therapists with an opening while I waited for him.  No luck.  That left me with some free time to look around the expo...dangerous.  I promised myself that I wouldn't buy anything...

As soon as I walked into the expo a nice young girl asked me if she could use her product to "roll" out my shoulders…um YEAH!  I was DYING and this seemed like the next best thing to a massage that I couldn't get.  I soon learned her name was Kilee, she was a Personal Trainer, and the product she was using is a Therawheel…

It also didn't take long to realize how much I loved this new "torture" tool (I say that with love).  You see, I have them all…foam roller, rumble roller, the stick, lacrosse balls, I even throw a broom stick in there from time to time.  Obviously I'm huge on self care and believe it's a critical part of maintenance and injury prevention, especially with endurance sports, and thought I had tried it all.  This Therawheel was a game changer.

After Kilee used the taper and rounded tip portion on my neck, shoulders, and upper back I mentioned that I was having some issues with my hamstrings and hip flexors.  Without hesitation she started to work on both areas and offered some suggestions at reducing muscle soreness.  I immediately noticed a difference in how I was feeling.  I loved how the product was so versatile and could be used all over my body with the circular taper, rounded, or flat tip.  What really sold me on it was how the taper could access different angles and go deeper into muscles than the other products I use just can't.

It didn't stop there.  After Kilee finished up she introduced me to Tom Jennings who is the founder of Therawheel.  He's an Athletic Trainer who has worked with the Indiana Pacers.  She explained to him what she felt in my legs and he took several minutes to find out more about me, checked out my hip flexors, worked on me for a few minutes, and just as Kilee did offered some suggestions for self care.  Amazing service, awesome product, and they weren't even pushing me into buying one…I had to have it!

Since then I've been using my Therawheel daily.  I used it a TON leading into Ironman Wisconsin.  It helped me stay loose, ready to race, and achieve my hour and eighteen minute PR.  I kept on it after Ironman to recover and get ready for the Duathlon National Championship that was held in Tucson, Arizona in late October…again I believe this was key in getting me to the start line healthy and ready to race just 6 weeks post Ironman and qualify for Worlds next year.  I literally can't go a day without my Therawheel…I even traveled to Hawaii with it mid-October!

Do yourself a favor and check it out :)

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